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Espn on the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl was an ok game. I'm glad the Packers won, but mostly because I dislike the Steelers more than any non-AFC East team in the league. Though I do respect how good Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews are.

The annoying thing about the Packers winning was all of the talk about Rodgers. Yeah he is really good. But, NEWS FLASH TO SPORTS MEDIA, the QB is not the end all be all of football. He doesn't run the ball more than running backs. He doesn't block, kick, catch passes, rush the passer, tackle, or defend passes. Nor does he coach the team or make personnel decisions.

So I don't want to turn on coverage of the game on espn and hear them talk almost exclusively about Rodgers. And even worse, I don't want to hear them talk about the QB that he replaced, who shall remain nameless. I don't fucking care about the QB who shall remain nameless, nor do the players on his former team who just won the SB.

Stop being lazy, espn and the sports media in general. Your jobs aren't difficult to begin with. The least you can do while being paid decent money to discuss sports for a living is to put forth some effort and not constantly fall back on moronic and meaningless stories. And the public can help by doing what I did at the first mention of the player who shall remain nameless, change the fucking channel.