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John Boehner doesn't care about jobs

That is, if you work for the gov't he doesn't care about your job.

"In the last two years, under President Obama, the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs," Boehner said. "If some of those jobs are lost so be it. We're broke."

First of all he is wrong about that number. As the article points out, its more like 20,000 and part of that is probably due to the Census, that Constitutionally mandated thing that conservatives told people not to do.

Second of all, gov't jobs are still jobs. That ranges from the bureaucrats at the agencies that Boehner and other Reps hate to police officers, teachers, and soldiers. And because states can't run deficits police officers and teachers are being laid off. And the Speaker of the House doesn't care.

Yet if a Dem basically opens their mouth and something regarding economic policy comes out the first thing Boehner and Reps will do is say that the effects of that policy will kill jobs. The title of their bill to repeal the ACA was Repeal the Job Killing Health Care Bill.

This is a good representation of conservative belief about the basic role of gov't. They are so hostile to the idea of gov't and the idea that a gov't can do things that benefit society that they don't care if people who work for the gov't lose their jobs. (Well, that is unless you are a soldier who could be fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan. Their job of protecting Iraqis and Afghans is more important to Boehner than having police officers protect American taxpayers and teachers teaching the kids of American taxpayers.)

So if you start from that belief, what incentive do you have to make sure the things gov't does are done properly? The answer for the Bush administration, which held this view, was that they didn't. And it showed in how they handled things like regulation of the economy and even things they cared about like invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

The problem is that people want their gov't to do things for them, and they want them done well. Yet a lot of those same people elect Republicans who don't believe in doing those things at all, but are too afraid of losing votes to actually stop doing them at all.