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I haven't posted on the show since the end of season 2 and the beginning of the cylon occupation on New Caprica. As always, the show tackled difficult issues head on. They went from abortion to voter fraud. Baltar goes against his scientific opinion and calls to occupy New Caprica for the sake of getting public opinion on his side and thus win the election. Roslin sticks to her principles and doesn't pander to the masses.

Baltar gains in the polls and looks to have won the election. Roslin calls her contacts within the military, which is an odd choice to oversee an election (which is addressed), and gets them to alter votes. Roslin then tells Odama what she did and explains that she thinks Baltar is working for the cylons. Oddly its Odama who rejects the fraud for the sake of democratic principles. I forget his exact reason, though do remember that he doesn't want Baltar to win. Perhaps his experience and endearment to Roslin has shaped his views and values the importance of politics with regard to sustaining the human race. What's funny is that a few episodes into season 3, which jumps a year into the future, Baltar's political advisor (the accused terrorist in the first season) says that he wishes Roslin would have stuck to the fraud.

Baltar's decision to lead the people to New Caprica has lead to a really crappy existence on the cylon run planet. As if Baltar wasn't a little off his rocker before, he has fallen even deeper over the edge as a result of the guilt he feels for his part in this situation. The situation is so bad that the chief and the guy Starbuck was dating are the leaders of a resistance that is resorting to terrorism. The show has previously shown a terrorist in poor light. But now that the humans are basically being held captive, the terrorists are viewed more as freedom fighters, though not without dissenting views (notably from Roslin).

The main point regarding terrorism seems to be that it depends on the cause and the circumstances. If you hold a minority view within a stable political system that guarantees you essentially the same freedoms as everyone else, its not a good moral decisions to kill innocent people in order to advance your cause. And its probably not a good strategical decision either. But when faced with the situation the humans have on New Caprica, its probably a better strategical decision and is slightly more morally acceptable. Though even then, I don't think its right to kill innocent people, even those humans who have joined the cylon police force.

Aside from the main plot, the sub plots have been interesting. Starbuck might be getting the worse of the cylon occupation by being forced to stay with the cylon that she interrogated earlier in the show. He loves her and has now introduced a child that he claims is Starbuck's in order to gain her favor. Starbuck denies the girl, but then seems to take to her after the girl injures herself by falling down stairs. Though I wonder, was it really an accident or was that part of the child's programming? And does Starbuck really care or is she doing it to gain the cylon's favor?

Apollo and Dee got married at some point between seasons 2 and 3. But apparently without any life and death circumstances to worry about, Apollo has gained a bunch of weight and isn't the fighter he used to be. And that's a shame because Dee still looks great. I feel bad for her. Admiral Odama is still being friendly with Sharon. He even sends her on the rescue mission to New Caprica. But that friendship along with his decision to fake her baby's death may backfire if Sharon keeps questioning what happened. In relation to that, its weird how the woman cylon had a dream that led her to someone who knew Sharon's baby was still alive. I guess this is to drive home the point that cylons have a similar type consciousness that humans have. I think that speaks to why the cylons believe in god. Though its also odd that they seem to believe in a god, which humans believe in multiple gods. I'm still not sure what the show is trying to get across with that. But its interesting.