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Poor Dee. She really gets the emotional shaft throughout the series. First Billy is killed right in front of her. Then she marries the guy she was kind of cheating on Billy with and he proceeds to go from a ripped, good looking guy to a overweight guy who isn't the soldier he once was. Now we find out that Lee cheated on Dee with Starbuck when they were on New Caprica. And now that they are back on Galactica and blowing off steam during a boxing tournament, we find out that Lee and Starbuck still have feelings for each other. Emotions can be complicated enough under normal circumstances. Being on Galactica must make them even more complicated. I hope Dee finds some stability. And I hope Lee and Starbuck finally sort out their feelings for each other.

Speaking of the boxing tourney, Adama uses it to send a message to the crew, which basically sounded like he got soft on them and didn't want it to happen again. This was played out by showing a lot of flashbacks to the crew on New Caprica before the Cylon occupation. I really like the show's use of flashbacks. I think, if handled correctly, flashbacks are a good and efficient way of giving us important backstory and developing characters. And as I think about it, most of my favorite shows use the technique to varying extents: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, West Wing. Many of the best episodes from those series involve flashbacks. In fact, I just watched "Out of Gas" from Firefly over the weekend. Its great, and mainly because we see Wash with a mustache.

The biggest thing that happened during the two episodes this weekend was the black ops mission that Adama led before the Cylons attacked. It turns out that the mission ventured across the armistice line set up with the Cylons. And to try and cover up that fact, Adama blew up the ship that his pilot was in. That pilot was captured by the Cylons and held for three years until he escaped and found Galactica. Adama admits that he had a hand in provoking the Cylon attack, something that for two and a half seasons we were led to believe was an unprovoked attack. This was very surprising. I'm not really sure what to think. I've come to admire Adama and think of him as a great leader. But now we see that he was just as susceptible to bad decisions made by the top of a hierarchy. And that decision not only betrayed a soldier's life, but very likely led the the near destruction of the human race on Caprica. Perhaps I'm having a hard time reacting to this because they didn't spend a lot of time with it. So I hope they address it more in the near future.