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Its a little weird how relevant this show still is to current politics. I just watched the scene where they are about to execute Gaida for helping the cylons but found out at the last second that he was actually helping the rebels on New Caprica. The small group that was putting people on "trial" let him go. And the next scene was Adama and Roslin being told about the group and objecting because everyone has the right to a trial with representation.

That was just minutes after I posted on Michele Bachmann, many in the GOP, and Obama not upholding the rule of law in much the same way they weren't on BSG. What I didn't mention that was said during the debate by some candidates was that they supported Obama's death panels and their decision to kill an American citizen living in Yemen, not to mention his 16 year old child. This is basically what they were doing on the show. On the show they are literally fighting for their survival. And even then it isn't right.

On a lighter note, it was great to see Col. Tigh and the rest of the people that were on New Caprica back on Galactica. The show is always filled with tension. But they recognize that you need to break that tension and give the audience some emotionally satisfying breaks from that tension. And when they decide to do that they deliver. Not many shows outside of the Whedonverse can get me teary-eyed. But BSG can, and on a fairly consistent basis. That's part of why I've come to love the show.