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Tonight's episode, Annie's Move, continued the somewhat seesaw tendencies of this season. The previous episode, Advanced Gay, fell a bit flat. But just like Remedial Chaos Theory, this episode got things back on track in an awesome way. I'll try not to give away spoilers by recapping everything that happened.

The focus is Annie's move to live with Troy and Abed. Its hard to go wrong with those three. Annie was her typical sweet and adorable self. Troy and Abed were slightly less awesome than usual, but effective. The rest of the characters were used effectively, specifically the Dean and Jeff. They were the funniest parts of the episode. And after Advanced Gay it was nice to see the show move away from lazy stereotypes (which Dan Harmon apologized for) when doing a story about a gay person.

It was also nice to see Britta provide a counterpoint to Shirley's religious evangelization, which she didn't do last week. One thing I miss from the first season is Britta playing a bigger role. I understand they have moved past the Sam and Diane thing with Jeff and Britta. And that's fine. I just wish Britta was used in more ways than as a punch line, which admittedly is pretty funny most of the time. All in all, I really enjoyed this episode. It was funny, sweet, and had a plot that went somewhere. Nice bounce back. Hopefully we can string together a few really good episodes.