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Devils and Dolphins

I was kind of looking forward to Duke playing Memphis in the Maui Invitational. Duke held up its end of the bargain by beating Tennessee fairly handily tonight. But Memphis lost to Michigan. I didn't see that game. But it looked like Michigan beat Memphis at its own game, using their athleticism to play up tempo. That could be a problem for Duke because we aren't that athletic at guard and struggle to keep athletic teams out of the lane, which happened tonight against UT.

The Dolphins put a beating on the Bills Sunday. The defense has been playing like I thought they could before the season. They haven't allowed a TD in 3 games and they are finally forcing turnovers. They did such a good job against the Bills that the offense didn't have to do much in order to score. But unlike the first seven games of the year, the offense took advantage of being in the red zone and scored more than enough to win.

Basically everyone is playing better. Both lines are doing well. Dansby and Burnett are playing well at LB. And the secondary is actually catching the ball when its dropped in its lap. Reggie Bush has been good. Brandon Marshall is catching more passes. And Matt Moore is playing very well. I'm also fairly impressed that the team hasn't quit on Sparano. Its just a shame they couldn't play this well at the beginning of the year. Hopefully they keep it up agains Dallas on Thanksgiving. And I'd like to see Duke get a chance to play Georgetown in the Maui finals. I want revenge from a few years ago.