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Dolphins vs Chiefs

We can't even suck properly. Instead of staying on pace to get the first pick we destroyed the Chiefs. After giving up the most sacks in the league up to today, Matt Moore was barely touched and was therefore able to sit back in the pocket and have a good day throwing the ball. Brandon Marshall even won his battle with the sideline, the endzone, and apparently Vontae Davis and caught a TD pass to cap off a good game.

Reggie Bush had his second straight good game. He is finally comfortable and Brian Daboll has finally seemed to learn how to use him properly. Daboll and Nolan had really good days calling plays. Daboll dialed up the right routes at the right times. And Nolan used the blitz to get to Cassell a lot. It all finally came together and led to a great game.

I still want us to lose enough to get the first pick. Even with the win today we basically have no shot at the playoffs. In fact, even if we win the rest of our games we would only be 9-7, which would make us very unlikely to make the playoffs. But it felt good to see the team play so well. And if we are going to win and mess up the suck for Luck thing, we might as well do it in style.