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In case you haven't heard, NBC has left Community off its spring schedule. Apparently that doesn't mean its cancelled. Its just getting some time off. Still, that doesn't seem like a good thing. I understand it doesn't get good ratings. For some reason mass audiences don't like smart tv. That or NBC hasn't used Alison Brie enough in its advertising. Suffice to say, I'm extremely disappointed by this news. I love the show. Despite its uneven season thus far, its still my favorite show on tv. I hope it gets a chance to continue its run.

On to tonight's episode. This episode was right up the show's alley. They have Abed do another documentary, this time in the mold of Heart of Darkness, which is the documentary of the filming of Apocalypse Now. Jim Rash (the Dean) and Joel McHale were really great. The Dean takes on the role of directing a commercial for the school. And Jeff plays the Dean. I've heard a lot of people complain that Jeff never grows. And I echo many of those criticisms. So I was glad to see him not completely blow off the Dean and actually embrace him.

The only other characters that had a seemingly meaningful and forward looking plot were Britta and Troy. They are acting really uncomfortable around each other, which usually means there is sexual tension between the two. And the show has previously hinted at something there between them. But you can't assume Dan Harmon will bring them closer together. He likes to dangle relationships out there and buck the conventional Sam and Diane thing. Though the other characters didn't have significant plots they were still pretty funny. There were a lot of funny one liners.

Overall I liked the episode. I think this makes three in a row, which is a nice run for this season. I'm not sure how many episodes are left until the show "takes a break". But hopefully we get at least of few more of this quality. And as a quick aside, I haven't posted much on Parks and Recreation. But I've started watching it recently and I'm enjoying it. It had my favorite line of the night when Ron Swanson said to a woman's studies professor, "For what its worth, you would look great as a brunette, Ron Swanson." The delivery was awesome. If you watch Community stick around right after and give Parks and Rec a shot.