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The DOJ is still fucked up

It had it's problems under Bush, perhaps most notably with it's beyond ridiculous torture memos. Now it has it's own set of problems under Obama and his AG Eric Holder. Here is the latest in regard to the Fast and Furious scandal:

The ATF sent thousands of high-powered weapons across the border into the hands of the cartel, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds, including a US Border Patrol agent, and Holder is ready to act right now against the people informing Congress of what actually took place in Holder’s organization?

That's par for the course for Obama's DOJ. If I'm remembering the data correctly from a Glenn Greenwald post, Obama's administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than the past several administrations combined. So doing something wrong could be bad. But if you tell the world that someone did something wrong, that's really bad. This whistleblower crackdown is bullshit and the Obama administration should be ashamed. If it ever mentions accountability or transparency as something it values or tries to uphold it should be laughed out of the room.

Sadly, I don't see a solution to the problem with the DOJ other than hoping whoever gets elected as president does a good job appointing people and those people do a good job staffing it. After Obama's failures I certainly don't trust him. And I'll trust a Republican president to make things better when we colonize the moon. My trust in Democrats isn't far behind.