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It's easy being a conservative pundit

You don't have to think much. You don't have to provide very good logic for your opinions. You just throw your opinion out there and either ignore facts that undermine your argument or claim that those facts were made up as part of a conspiracy against you and your ideology:

PALIN: The media is reeling these numbers, that I do not believe are accurate, when it comes to jobs. I still think it is a jobless recovery that is affecting America right now. … So that 8.3 percent unemployment number is an indicator to President Obama and to his allies in the media to make it look like things are getting better.

So all of the sudden, unemployment numbers aren't accurate. We don't know why. But surely they are. We'll just take her word for it. That's probably something we should look into. Who knows? Maybe we really didn't lose a ton of jobs at the end of Bush's term. It could have just been another plot in the liberal media conspiracy to get Obama elected.

On the complete other side of the pundit spectrum is someone like Bruce Bartlett, who has big doses of skepticism for a lot of conservative economic beliefs in this video. But because Bartlett uses facts and then shapes his opinion based on those facts, he is no longer allowed to punditcize on conservative outlets. Dealing in facts makes you unconservative to conservatives.

Maybe it isn't so easy being a conservative pundit. Unless it's not difficult to give up any kind of intellectual honesty you had. For people like Bartlett I'm sure it was difficult and I respect him for keeping his intellectual honesty. For people like Palin I strongly suspect she is just so delusional that she thinks she is being intellectually honest.