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Random tv thoughts of the week

Aside from the fact that Community is coming back this has been a pretty good week. How I Met Your Mother actually advanced the main plot of the show. And it finally (probably) ended the romantic possibility of Ted and Robin. Once again, Robin shows why I love her. Even though I've always liked her and Ted together, she stays true to herself and tells Ted to move on with his life without her.

I can understand why Ted was waiting her out, aside from the fact that the show runners wanted to drag it out and make money. Robin is really awesome. And they broke up mainly because they wanted different things out of their relationship at the time. But Robin has changed and might still have strong feelings for Barney. And now Ted can finally move on. So I'm happy the writers didn't screw up Robin.

I watch Justified on Tuesdays. It's good. But since I just started this season I missed a lot of backstory on these characters. So I just can't say a whole lot about the show. Olyphant is pretty badass. And that's enough to carry most episodes.

Modern Family has been a bit off lately. But I enjoyed last night's episode. I felt really dirty being attracted to Haley. I find that kind of weird, exotic look very appealing. Thankfully I found out that Sarah Hyland, the actress that plays her, is of age. So I feel slightly less dirty. Anyway, I like how they handled her losing her virginity. Claire presumably didn't freak out. That she was able to keep it secret for 3 months suggests she handled it very well.

Phil freaks out a little. But he doesn't go over the edge or get angry. He actually comforts Haley when he says he trusts the decisions she make. While it was a bit immature of him to not be able to talk to her about it directly, I thought it was sweet and decent parenting that he didn't get angry and let his previous 16 years of parenting do the work.

I watch Happy Endings after that, because of the recommendation from Pajiba. It's ok. Last night was one of the better episodes I've seen. But overall it's a bit too quirky for me. The best thing the show does is treat it's gay character as someone who isn't a stereotype. I didn't know he was gay until a few episodes in. And last night's episode involved a story about him that had nothing to do with his sexuality, unless you want to read into the whole being a bear thing. So if anything, the show has done a good job with that character.

Community isn't back until March 15th. But knowing that will at least dull the pain of not being able to watch it tonight. And Parks and Recreation is on. So I'll get my weekly dose of Ron Swanson's awesomeness and April Ludgate's sexiness.