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Sports roundup

Duke lost at home again. our defense is a huge issue. And I think our offense is a bit too inconsistent to just outscore people like Carolina can. Austin Rivers and Seth Curry played well against Miami. But for the first time all season our big men were dominated and we just couldn't make free throws or take smart shots at the end of the game. Really frustrating loss. Speaking of Carolina, if we aren't on our game they might run us off the floor. Harrison Barnes might destroy us by himself since we don't have a small forward. And the guards we have can't defend. So they have little to no shot against Barnes. My hope is that he isn't on and Carolina decides not to play good defense.

I'm a Dolphins fan. So I was rooting against the Patriots. But I wasn't really rooting for the Giants. I don't mind them. But I don't like them either. The only bad thing about the Pats losing is that now we have to hear about Eli being some elite, great QB. I even heard the two morons on PTI suggest Eli is now better than Peyton. And of course, it's because he now has more rings. That's absolutely ridiculous. Peyton is a top 10 QB of all time. Eli has been a good to really good QB for a few years now. There isn't much of a comparison.

Speaking of Peyton Manning, I'm really intrigued by the prospect of him being a FA and thus able to sign with Miami. The big question, obviously, is whether he will be healthy enough to play and play effectively. But if he is able and even 75% of his former self I think he would make us a pretty good team that could challenge the Pats for the division. And he is old enough that we could look for a young QB to replace him in a year or two. If that doesn't happen, I'm ok with Matt Moore and Chad Henne keeping the seat warm until we find a young QB, which probably won't come from this year's draft since everyone figures Robert Griffin to go early.