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Kate Upton: too good to be true

That is, if these rumors are correct:

The Victoria's Secret stunner admitted: 'Yeah, he is cute.'
After hearing the model's response, Ellen shouted gleefully: 'She's dating Mark Sanchez!'
She and the athlete have never confirmed their romance, though a source tells Us Weekly that the two aren't in a serious relationship.
The insider said: 'They started hanging out about seven months ago. He's always at her apartment [and] has dropped off gifts and flowers for her. It isn't serious.'

Kate. Darling. Why? Ok, he's a good looking guy. But he's a Jets player. You could do so much better. Aside from your humble blogger, there are plenty of as attractive men out there who don't play for the Jets. I'll let this slide for the time being since you are young. But I expect better decisions in the future.

I find many women attractive. But only a few invoke an open-mouthed, drool-endusing reaction. Kate Upton is one of them. If the earth is confronted with a "Deep Impact" scenario she should definitely be one of the people we try to save.