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When is the Republican convention?

I spent all day trying to avoid writing another post on Rick Santorum. I really despise him. But I'm not completely sure I want him to lose because I have to believe Obama would beat him. And he just keeps saying really stupid and crazy things. So I can't really avoid him completely. I'll try to keep it short though.

He either has no clue what he is talking about or he is so cynical that he just says what he thinks crazy conservatives want to hear. The whole college snob thing is ridiculous. He has a masters degree and a law degree. He is the poster boy for what people want college to do for them and their kids. So he is either blind to his own snobbiness or he is full of shit and just wants to pander to conservatives who despise intellectualism. I'm pretty sure he is just full of shit.

The newest religious statements are a bit more difficult to pin down because they are so prevalent on the right. But taking his various comments at face value, they demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the founding and founders they claim to admire. And I think this goes beyond the type of pandering with the college thing. He has a long history of saying crazy things regarding religion and gov't. So this seems to be something he really cares about. And that is scary.

Romeny will no doubt pander just as Santorum will. But he doesn't seem willing to go as far as Santorum on the whole religion thing. Part of that is Romney's mormonism, which he probably thinks is a liability with the mostly evangelical Republican base. But he also just doesn't seem to place much personal emphasis on religious issues. If a Republican can beat Obama I hope it is Romney for this reason. I would still fear Republicans in Congress. But I think Romney would be closer to Bush than Santorum, which means he would probably be satisfied to pay lip service to religion and not actively try to merge church and state like Santorum wants.

It's not that I don't want the press to cover Santorum. They should call him out for his ridiculous crap. But I'm really tired of him and the whole spectacle. I hope we get a clear GOP winner soon.