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Duke vs Carolina


I was yelling for Rivers to drive. I hate when guys shoot long jump shots when you only need two points to tie. But Rivers was on tonight and he hit a great shot. That was his best overall shooting performance of the year. Just a great night.

But we needed that incredible ending because Zeller and Hanson completely dominated us inside. I wouldn't have said this before the Miami game and tonight's game. But the Plumlees and Kelly are soft inside. Most of the time they are just bigger or more athletic than the other team. But when they have to face a bigger or more athletic opponent they really struggle.

Barnes was as good as I thought he would be. We had no answer for him. And the guards were as bad defensively as I thought they would be. I guess we are lucky that we gave up a ton of 2 point FGs and not a bunch of 3s. Dickie V kept making the point that we shoot the 3 too much. But that is who this team is. We did shoot more than normal. But we hit about the same % we have all year. So for the most part this was a pretty typical offensive game.

Having said all of that, the finish was just crazy. Sometimes those things happen in these big rivalry games. That's why they are so fun.