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Braves lineup

Just after I criticized Freddi Gonzalez for keeping Jason Heyward sixth in the lineup he moved him up to second where he belongs. Heyward has been struggling recently but its still the right move. What I'd like to know is why it took so long for it to happen. Did he really think McClouth could handle that spot in the lineup? Did he really think Heyward wouldn't get on base more often than McClouth and thus give more opportunities for Chipper and McCann to drive in runs?

I'm not sure but I'm glad he made the change. You can question a ton of decisions a manager has to make over the course of a game, series, or year. But this is the king of thing that shouldn't have been that difficult.

While I'm discussing sports, I have to mention how well the Grizzlies have been playing. They destroyed the Spurs last night and now only need one more win to move on to the second round. I've been really impressed by how well Mike Conley has played in his first playoff series. He handles the ball a ton and does a good job of getting the ball to the big men and scoring when the defense gives him open looks. Perhaps the new deal he signed wasn't a bad move by the front office.