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Memphis Grizzlies advance

Game 6 went about the same way as every other game of the series. Memphis built a solid lead early. The Spurs cut into it at some point in the second half. But down the stretch the Grizzlies made free throws and kept playing the great defense they did the whole series.

Randolf was simply fantastic. Gasol was solid. Battier, Allen and Young were good defensively. And Conley did a very good job playing point guard. I went to the first two games at the Forum in Memphis and the crowd was great. I assume they were just as good tonight. So I'm really proud of the whole team and all of the fans. Memo to owners of small markets: If your team wins the fans will come and you will make money. Crazy stuff, right?

Its hard to expect Memphis to beat the Thunder. I think we can make things difficult for Durant. But they are a really solid team. But as along as we play hard I'll be happy.

Quick update on the Dolphins. They traded up into the second round to take Daniel Thomas, a running back out of Kansas State. I thought they would take a running back at some point. And I'm glad they did because it is a need. I also thought this pick could have been Ryan Mallet. But clearly they are comfortable with Chad Henne or a veteran they think they can get in free agency. I don't blame them for not taking Mallet. But watch now that he went to the Patriots. He will probably turn out to be great.


  1. Congrats to the Grizz, but it's sad to see the end of an era in San Antonio.

    The Grizzlies' 12 straight losses before winning a playoff game is the longest streak since expansion began in 1949-1950.

  2. Yeah watching Duncan is tough. Great player that just doesn't have it anymore

    The Grizzlies ran into some really tough teams in their first three playoff appearances. They weren't as strong a team as they are now. That was before Pau Gasol had Kobe and Phil Jackson to light a fire under his ass.


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