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Random thoughts from Monday night

Alyson Hannigan gets more beautiful with every passing episode of "How I Met Your Mother". Decent episode tonight. Glad Marshall finally quit his job.

"Chuck" does just enough with Sarah and Chuck's relationship to keep me coming back. Cute moment tonight was Chuck giving Sarah a pre-nup stating that she had to love him and she couldn't think about divorce. And yeah, Yvonne Strahovski continues to be incredibly sexy.

I hate the Patriots and the way the media talks about Tom Brady (who is overrated as a QB). But his interview on Sportscenter about being drafted in the 6th round was really good. He talked about how he waited for so long and teared up when mentioning how his parents were there to support him. That and the fact that he worked his ass off to become a great player make me like him as a person. Plus he is rocking the long hair, which I respect and currently envy.

I totally agree with this Matt Yglesias post on the importance of grades in college. I worried about grades in college but I never obsessed over them. I think its much more important to learn how to think than it is to memorize facts and make sure you get a good grade. I wish there was more emphasis on thinking on all levels of education.

One thing I very slightly disagree with Yglesias on is his claim that spending a fair amount of time watching Elimidate is not an activity associated with any large future payoffs. I agree with the Elimidate part. But I think spending your leisure time watching tv/movies has at least some benefit. Not only does it give your mind a break from heavy academic stuff, it can help you make friends in the workplace who might share your tastes and even help serve as a good barometer for significant others. If the person you are dating doesn't at least tolerate your love of Star Wars and Joss Whedon its probably not meant to last.

Back to the topic of hair...I have a haircut appointment tomorrow and I'm not sure which direction I want to go. I want to go either kind of long or really short. Realistically I probably can't go long because I need to find and maintain a job. But I just can't totally suppress that feeling of freedom that having long hair provides.

Lays ranch dip is incredible.

A lot of how I judge a restaurant is based on how good their dip is. Top dips: Chili's queso, Rudy Tuesday's queso, Houston's spinach and artichoke. One of my grad school professors makes a spinach and artichoke dip that rivals Houston's.

I was humming Judas Priest's "Painkiller" to my nephew all weekend. That song is epic.