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Dolphins pick Mike Pouncey

I think this is the first time I've talked about the Miami Dolphins on my blog. The Dolphins are my number one sports team. They are a frustrating team to follow but I love them.

They went with a safe pick in the center from Florida. Center was an uncertain position for us last year. There were a lot of injuries and inconsistent play. And I think that was a big reason why we were so bad at running the ball. I say its a safe pick because in general an offensive linemen is going to be a decent pro if he was a good college player, which I think most draft people would say he was.

The same was the case for Jake Long, who the Dolphins took number one overall a few years ago. Everyone thought Long would be at least a solid pro. He has turned out to be a great pro. And while many like to say we should have taken Matt Ryan, its far less certain Ryan would have been a good player than it was that Long would.

I have no idea if the Dolphins wanted to take a QB. But if they did I'm sure they were using the same thought process. Its much more difficult to say that Mallet and Kaepernick will be good QBs than it is to say that Pouncey will be a good center/guard. And they could very well think Chad Henne is still the answer at QB. While I'm very skeptical about Henne at this point, there is a strong argument to be made that he was not put in the best situation(s) to succeed, and part of that was the poor running game.

So all in all I think its a good pick. I would certainly be more excited if they would have taken a QB or Mark Ingram. But the risk would have been very big with a QB and even though Ingram should be a very good RB I don't think that is a position that warrents spending a high first round pick on (unless you know you have a Barry Sanders type player). Though I do look for them to take a RB later in the draft. I'm not sure QB is out of the picture later in the draft as well. What is certain is that they have will have a good left side of the offensive line with Long, Ingocnito, and now Pouncey. If we get that there won't be many more excuses for Henne and the running game.