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Posting on things I don't want to post on

How do you discuss something that you don't think should be part of a discussion in the first place? Most of the time I choose to just ignore that issue and wait for it to go away. That is what Jonathan Bernstein advises about the whole birther/Trump thing lately which for some reason prompted Obama to release his long form birth certificate.

I think Jonathan is right. Trump is an egomaniac who is using the media's desperate need for ratings to kick up ridiculous conspiracy theories. I'm not sure why Obama chose now to address them. And I doubt it will change a lot of their minds.

Having said that have I not now joined the discussion? Have I given credence to Trump and birthers that they don't deserve? I think I have. But as long as I'm writing about it I feel like the best I can do is to reiterate what Jonathan suggests and just advise people to ignore this type of stuff. Trump is just getting his rocks off. The media is just selling ads. The right is just making itself feel scared of its opposition. And I don't know what Obama is doing. None of it matters. So let's move on.