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More storms come through

We've had some really severe thunder storms hit Memphis the past few days. Tonight we got at least an hour's worth of tornado warning sirens. I've joked before about those things being an infringement on my liberty. But damn they are annoying.

But not so annoying that I would say we don't need them because there isn't another reliable way to be warned. My internet goes in and out during severe storms. I'm kind of surprised it isn't doing it right now. And Directv is absolute shit when we get anything above a sprinkle. In fact, its out right now. I get to see the lovely Olivia Munn on The Daily Show and half the time I can't get a signal. I think we should be reimbursed by internet and cable/satellite providers for losses of signal.

Speaking of liberty, I wanted to briefly talk about Vermont passing a single payer health care system. Now, I'm not a big fan of states rights. There are many things states should be able to do on their own. But on a basic level I don't see many compelling reasons to believe states are better guardians of freedom than the federal gov't. At the very least history seems to have borne that out here in the US.

The reason I mention this is because conservatives claim to be big fans of states rights. And they also don't like single payer health care systems. They view that as socialist and thus not conducive to liberty. But Vermont is using its ability as a somewhat sovereign entity and implementing this policy. So my question to conservatives would be how do you feel for the people of Vermont? They elected these people who chose to pass this bill. I guess if they don't like it they can vote them out of office and vote for people who will rescind the bill. But I bet they end up liking it almost as much as the people of Massachusetts like their individual mandate system.

So as a conservative, would you feel bad for these people who have to live with socialist health care? And if so, if you think the liberty of these people is being infringed, what do you think should happen? Essentially what I'm asking is where is the line when it comes to states rights and when that line is crossed, who or what gets to step in and make things better for the people?

Obviously my answer is the federal gov't. Though I wouldn't even get that far because I'm not sure how single payer health care is an infringement on their liberty. But if someone could convince me that it was, I would look to the federal gov't for remedy, or I guess the Vermont judicial branch first.