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Battlestar Galactica: finding Earth

Wow. They've built up to the reveal of four of the final five cylons for the entire series. Like with just about everything in the series I thought they did a really good job with revealing the four to Adama and the rest of the crew. Not to mention that they finally found Earth. But it's not exactly what they thought they were looking for, if that is indeed Earth.

I've tried to relate the stories to real world politics. Since the third season they have done too many stories that are directly relatable. But for the sake of me posting about these two episodes I'll try to relate it to politics. In the US it takes big coalitions to get legislation passed. Madison and the founders wanted it this way. They didn't want small factions having too much control over policy. That was the problem with true democracies, small groups that could be extremists had too much power, which meant they could help enact bad policy or prevent good policy. So that's why we have a majoritarian democracy and an electoral system that is winner take all.

The humans and cylons finally decided to work together because they both shared the same interests. They wanted to survive and find Earth. Before the humans destroyed the main resurrection hub the cylons didn't have to worry about survival. Once they became mortal their incentives changed to coincide with the humans. When that happened there was a large enough coalition that policy was changed and a different outcome was achieved.

We are still left with a lot of philosophical questions. Though I think we are more clear on the status of cylons compared to humans. Now that they are mortal they share just about every trait with humans. Something I found interesting was Baltar talking to the centurion about being a slave. I have a feeling that won't be a random conversation. And speaking of Baltar, I'm glad Roslin saved him because not only is he a compelling character, I want to see him find redemption. He has done some bad things. But he is obviously important in the grander scheme of things and I think he has fundamentally changed from the person he started out as.

This has become one of my favorite shows of all time. I've thoroughly enjoyed the journey. And I can't wait to see how it ends.