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Mitt Romney's soul is the one at stake

Well, if I believed in a soul it would be. But I say that because this is what he claimed about his campaign:

Mitt Romney calls his campaign "a battle for the soul of America."

I know every candidate thinks that and in some way or another says that. But coming from a guy who has a very weak political identity, or soul if you believe in that kind of thing, this seems extra ham-handed. (Speaking of America's fate, I saw this question asked a few days ago around the political blogs. If Obama was the person Romney and the right says he is, why hasn't he implemented the radical, socialist, Muslim, secular, anti-colonial policies that are all part of the liberal conspiracy to destroy the country yet? And when does he plan on doing it?)

What politicians really mean when they say "the soul of America" is control of the gov't. And losing it's soul simply means that Democrats have control and Republicans don't. However, the war never really ends because the battle will rage on even when Republicans have control because there is always an election around the corner. But to take him at his word for a second, what issues does Romney believe are an important part of ensuring the survival of this American soul?:

"The test is pretty simple. Is the program so critical, it's worth borrowing money from china to pay for it? And on that basis of course you get rid of Obamacare, that's the easy one. Planned Parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. The subsidy for Amtrak, I'd eliminate that. The National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities," he said.

So it's the deficit. Ok, that's debatable. But right away you see how unserious he is about the deficit when he can't bring himself to mention the biggest aspects of the deficit; Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the military. The ACA actually cut spending to Medicare and raises taxes on expensive insurance plans to pay for the stuff it does. So it's unclear how that would help the deficit.

Planned Parenthood? I doubt the funding for that makes up half of 1% of the deficit. And worse than that, he says that it isn't a critical program because he knows Republican voters want to hear that. Never mind that he previously supported it, and it provides important health benefits to women. This is what I was talking about earlier with Romeny's soul. He is selling it out to try and gain power.

The rest is all conservative fodder that has very little to do with objectively good policy. What is the difference between funding Amtrak and funding state highways? Yet I doubt Romeny or most Republican voters want to cut funding to state highways. It's all bullshit pandering from him. I guess that's better than what seems like genuine nuttiness from the other candidates, aside from Paul most of the time. But I doubt his level of hypocrisy is good for the soul. So I guess it's a good thing he doesn't have one.