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Boehner (kind of) rebukes talk radio host

Andrew Sullivan asks if this is a tipping point on the ability of Republican leaders to distance themselves from the talk radio host that shall not be named because I despise his ilk and think he is a vile asshole. Boehner's statement is too short and mild to bother posting. But it's a step up from the usual casual support for the talk radio circuit.

However, I don't think this is the tipping point that Andrew and I want. If Boehner and the GOP leadership really found this kind of talk as unacceptable as the rest of us, there would be stronger rebukes and real consequences. I think the only reason this got a response from Boehner is because the comments are about a group of people who might vote for Republicans. Woman tend to vote for Democrats. But enough of them vote for Republicans that it's in the GOP's interest to make it look like they are against the comments. But they don't go full out against the comments and the host because they know the bigger part of their constituencies will agree with or at least defend the comments and the commenter.

Since this is The Godfather week on AMC I'll sum up using a famous quote, "This is business, not person". For Boehner, this is politics, not moral.