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How Rush Limbaugh could change his legacy

I'm breaking my unwritten rule of mentioning the talk radio host by name. But I felt compelled to do so after reading this post by Andrew Sullivan. Usually Rush doesn't apologize. And I'm sure this time it was mostly about the advertisers pulling away from his program. So he is probably just trying to save face with them and keep earning the huge money he does.

But if the man has any decency at all, he could really improve his standing with the country at large and use this opportunity to support the woman and this issue he has spoken out against. If he came out and genuinely had a change of heart about these types of women's issues I think he could do a lot of good. I don't think that would mean he has to become a liberal. He could still believe in conservative principles when it comes to governing. But when it comes to women's rights and how women are perceived of in our society he could help his large audience see how women are marginalized and try to solve the problem.

That's not to say it would wipe his slate clean. He would still have a lot to answer for. But it would at least force most of the country to say "but" when discussing his contribution to our society. I doubt this will happen. But if he does have some shred of decency, wouldn't that be something worth trying to accomplish? Hell, even if he doesn't have any decency, this would still be a good idea simply for purposes of his ego. To force liberals to say "but" when discussing him would probably be the best thing he could do for his image of himself.