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Community: the line between awesome and weird

This post contains spoilers from tonight's new episode.

Usually Abed is firmly on the awesome side of the line. But the show continued with it's theme of growth or growing up in this episode and showed Abed cross to the weird side, and even a dangerous side. We saw Troy and Abed choose to act normal for Shirley's wedding last week. And like many other fans, it got me a bit worried about how their growth could mean less awesome and funny things for the show.

Like only Community can, this episode went meta and addressed those very concerns. Abed has been hiring celebrity look-a-likes to help him reenact scenes. And now he owes 3 grand for those services. If he doesn't pay he will get his legs broke. But if the group dresses up as celebrities for a party his bill will be paid. Annie and Shirley see what this will lead to if the group helps and say they shouldn't do it. But Troy jumps in and says that they should help Abed continue to live in his fantasy land because it brings joy to the group, much like it does us as the audience.

Troy realizes that Annie and Shirley were right and Abed can't live in his fantasy world as much as he does. I think this is Dan Harmon and Co. saying that the show can't have Troy and Abed doing the awesome stuff they do all the time. The show has to move in a different direction. The characters have to grow at least a little because at some point dressing up like Jamie Lee Curtis from True Lies is not awesome. Actually, at no point is that awesome. And if the show can't move the characters towards graduation and fulfilling the reason they all went to Greendale it will continue to get less and less awesome.

I just hope the show remains as cool as Abed was when he acknowledged that he should listen to Troy sometimes about when to not live in fantasy land. But to Britta's dismay, Abed's problems might go deeper than Jeff's (Who did look fantastic in those aviators. The Dean's reaction was hilarious.) And even though Abed said he would listen to Troy, it looks that won't be easy for him.