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Dolphins QB situation, updated

Since I gave my thoughts on the Dolphins QB situation there have been a few developments. Peyton Manning signed with Denver. That made the Broncos trade Tim Tebow to the Jets. And before all of that happened the Dolphins signed David Garrard to a one year deal. It seems we flirted with Matt Flynn and Alex Smith. But after the free agency smoke cleared we are left with Matt Moore and David Garrard.

I'm fine with that. As you know, I'm ok with giving Moore another year to try and improve. Though I did overlook one thing about him and how he relates to our new head coach, Joe Philbin. Philbin comes from a west coast style offense in GB. There were a lot of 3 and 5 step drops which resulted in a lot of short timing routes. Matt Moore was his best last season when he took deep drops and was able to push the ball downfield. He wasn't so good at the shorter routes. This isn't to say that Moore and Philbin can't get along. I think Philbin will work with Moore to try and tailor the offense to what he does well. But I think they flirted with Flynn and Smith because those guys are probably more comfortable with the west coast style offense, which is probably what Philbin is most comfortable with.

I don't know what type of offense they ran in Jacksonville with Garrard. But I don't think it was a west coast style offense. Regardless, Garrard was about average as a starting QB. And if he is healthy I could see him being average if we choose to start him over Moore. But I think Moore should beat him out if they truly make them compete. If Moore were to get injured or play terribly Garrard should be able to step in and stop the bleeding.

So in the end I'm glad we didn't spend a lot of money to bring in an aging QB of questionable health (Manning), a guy (Matt Flynn) who has thrown only 132 passes in the NFL, and a guy (Alex Smith) who has only been about as good as Matt Moore has over his career. Now Moore has a chance to prove himself and we could still draft a QB. I still don't know what we plan to do at WR and whether we can improve what was a bad offensive line last season. But despite how this all looked to the media and a lot of fans, I'm content with how the QB situation played out.