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Random thoughts of the night

I enjoyed the season of Top Chef: Texas. I don't care much for the manufactured drama and the judging. But it's interesting to see the plates they come up with and how they get through the challenges. And Padma is gorgeous. I'm about to watch the newest episode of Happy Endings. I've been lukewarm towards this show since I started watching it very recently. But last week's episode was great. Hopefully they have a good follow up.

Speaking of good tv, The Soup had a great trailer for Community. If you haven't seen the Community/The Dark Knight Rises mashup you need to finish reading this post and go to YouTube. In case you don't follow me on Twitter and haven't heard, Community returns on March 15th. It will be a great way to distract me from the fact that two days before that I will turn 28 and be closer to fully embodying George Costanza, minus the paranoia.

The president of Planned Parenthood was on The Daily Show tonight. If I had any money I would gladly donate some of it to PP. The recent contraception debate was just one part of the larger issue of women's health/rights. I'm really saddened and aggravated by what seems like the inability of significant portions of this country to move out of the same conception of women that exists in the society depicted on Mad Men.

The other subject on The Daily Show was the never-ending Republican primary. I have been tired of it for a while now. I get a lot of mileage out of the crazy things the candidates say. But it also makes me sad that these people are being considered for public office. And I wish we could at least just have to focus on the ridiculous nature of only one person.

And now, to lift my spirits, I'm going to watch the incredibly beautiful Kate Upton on Jimmy Kimmel's show. And I'll probably switch over the Cruel Intentions to check out one of my all time favorites, Sarah Michelle Gellar, a brunette SMG at that. I adore her. She was my first big crush. And of course, she played one my favorite super heroes of all time. If someone can give Batman a run for his money, I think it's Buffy.