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Electoral Tribalism

Yet another piggyback off a post by Andrew. The post discusses how black people didn't blindly support Obama just because he was black. Earlier posts on the subject pointed out that previous white Democratic candidates also got huge majorities of the black vote.

Surely there is a some kind of tribalism going on with the black vote and Obama. And given the history of this country, it's understandable. But as the facts in Andrew's post point out, most of what is going on is the black vote's support for the Democratic party. Let's say Herman Cain won the Republican primary and ran against Obama. What % of the black vote do you think Cain would get? I don't see him getting much. Maybe if he was more qualified he would get a bigger %. But I still think Obama would get the overwhelming majority of the vote. And he would get it because he is a Democrat.

Also check out the link for the dynamics of my own Congressman and the district he represents. It's a great example of people looking beyond race and voting based on the candidate's merits and positions on the issues.