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Big night in Memphis

The Grizzlies took the Thunder to three overtimes before finally losing. They made a bunch of crazy shots to tie the game and force multiple overtimes. But with Mike Conley and OJ Mayo fouled out of the game they didn't have enough offense to keep up with the likes of Durant and Westbrook.

Its a tough loss but I think they can be proud at the way they fought. OKC has the advantage in the series. But the Grizzlies have shown that they can win on the road and they will not be beat easily.

The other big thing happening in Memphis tonight was much more serious. According to the latest reports, the Mississippi River is still holding at about 48 feet, which is only .7 feet below the all time high. There are parts of the city under water. But things seem to be going well all things considered. And things seem to look good moving forward.

Big thanks to all of those helping out with the floods and to all of those structures that have helped keep the river somewhat at bay.