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Dolphins finish offensive minded draft

I'm pretty happy with the way the Dolphins conducted their draft. The offense was really bad last year while the defense was fantastic. The defense is also fairly young and has decent depth. So there really wasn't a need to upgrade the defense.

I wasn't very impressed with our offensive philosophy last year, which consistent of trying to be a team from the pre-80s era that likes to run the ball a lot. And I doubt they will stray very far from that this season. So since that likely won't change I just have to accept that fact and acknowledge that the running game being as horrible as it was last year is a bigger problem for this team than most.

So considering that they take a interior offensive lineman and running back with their first two picks. Just regression to the mean should make the running game better. But that along with these two young guys should provide the offense with decent run production and thus take pressure off Henne.

Henne was obviously the big problem with a slightly below average passing game. But when you look at the personel on offense there aren't a ton of needs. I think our WRs are very good. The only thing they lack is great speed. And that is why they drafted Gates, a very fast WR that can also return kicks. Fasano is fine at TE and even though they drafted a TE I hope they drop some of the 2 TE sets in favor of more 3 and 4 WR sets.

Aside from QB those picks hit the major need areas. And while most of us agree that Henne is not that close to where we would like him to be he wasn't that bad last year. Hell, its still unclear to me who is better, Henne or Sanchez. I'll even go as far to say that Matt Ryan, the QB everyone thinks we should have take over Jake Long, wasn't that much better than Henne last year. And at least now Henne will not have many excuses to make if he doesn't play well.