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Where is the blood in the street?

I was listening to Jon Stewart debate Bill O'Reilly about the rapper visiting the White House faux-controversy. I'll at least give O'Reilly credit for having Stewart on and giving the whole thing a bit of a thoughtful discussion. O'Reilly wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't so far into the forest as to not be able to see the trees.

Something I thought was interesting was that O'Reilly brought up Obama's other past associations, mainly Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. Those two people and the faux-controversy regarding them were similar to this thing with Common. But what I want to know is what were the results of Obama associating with those people? Where is any sort of evidence that he agrees with the things the right find so bad? Where are the negative real world consequences from Obama having Commons at the WH and having known Wright and Ayers?

O'Reilly tried to argue that this poetry thing at the WH is a big deal. That's just demonstrably wrong. No one gives a shit about it. I think Stewart made a great point in saying that what really matters in relation to cop killing is the presence of assault weapons that actually kill cops. This point about the right loving guns so much is one I made in my initial post on this topic. You can draw a causal line between gun rights and the presence of dead cops. It would be nearly impossible to draw a causal line between any of these associations Obama has had and dead cops.

That's why this is a made up controversy. And it was made up to serve the racist and partisan goals of FoxNews. I'm glad people like Stewart act as a watchdog on FoxNews and the such. That is an important job even though it shouldn't be.