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Canada won't extradite suspect because US tortures people

Self explanatory title. Here is the link. I just wanted to point out how pathetic the US has become when it comes to the issue of torture.

I applaud Canada for making this decision. They are doing the right and legal thing here. We have consistently done the wrong thing. The Bush administration signed off on torture. They outsourced it when they decided they didn't want to do it themselves. The Obama administration comes in, says we tortured people, yet refuses to do anything about it.

So not only did the Bush administration break the law by torturing people. The Obama administration is breaking the law by not prosecuting the Bush administration. Even though the Obama administration has claimed to end torture, they are doing very, very little to ensure that torture will not continue in the future.

And this is a problem because the entire Republican party (aside from John McCain) endorses torture. That is no secret. They publicly and proudly endorse breaking the law. As soon as bin Laden was captured they all came out spouting crap about how it was because we tortured people. Dick Cheney, one of the main culprits in the Bush administration, just came out and defended his unlawful actions. And why not? Its not like he is going to be prosecuted. When you know you are above the law there is no reason to follow it. At least Canada understands the rule of law and enforces it properly when it comes to this issue.