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Heat advance to NBA Finals

While it was a bit ridiculous for Lebron James to televise his decision to sign with the Heat during the offseason, I never held the actual decision against him. There probably aren't many places around the world that I'd rather live than Miami. Yes, part of that has to do with the fact that I love the Miami Dolphins. But aside from that, I'd image its a great place to live.

So I really couldn't muster up any anger towards him for choosing to move to a better place to live, taking less money, and taking advantage of an opportunity to play with two other really good players. Plus there is the fact that he was a free agent and it was simply his personal decision to make. Just because he plays a sport doesn't mean he should have made that decision any differently than you and I would have made a decision about our career.

Now that the Heat have made it to the finals I think Lebron and the rest of the team have proven to have made a good decision. Most commentators before the season thought it would take more than a year for this team to start winning championships. I think that was fair. At that point we thought the Celtics and Lakers were better than they turned out to be. And you just never know exactly what will happen with a new team, even one with three really talented players. So I think its fair to say that they have at least met everyone's expectations so far. And assuming they make it a tough series for the Mavericks I don't think they will catch much flack if they don't win it all.

So congrats to them. I've enjoyed watching them in the playoffs, especially when they get out in transition. Wade and James are two freight trains when they run the court together. That will definitely be a problem for the Mavericks if they turn the ball over. The finals should be a good series. And I'm glad that when whichever team wins someone will finally be vindicated in the eyes of a slightly too harsh media.

And speaking of the media, can we stop treating Lebron like Arod of a few years ago? Just because he wasn't making last second shots didn't mean he wasn't "clutch" or wasn't a great player. It simply meant you were looking at a small sample size. Just stop it with your obsession with "clutch". I know you have to build up narratives so you can fill time. But there are other, more logical ways to fill that time.