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Grizzlies force a game 7

They overcame a poor first half and benefited from a poor second half for Durant to get it back to OKC and a chance at the Western conference finals. Randolf was really on his game. He scored inside, got to the line, and hit mid range shots. He at least kept things from getting too carried away in the first half.

The rest of the team was pretty solid. Battier and Young struggled offensively. But that didn't really matter with how bad the Thunder's offense was in the second half. Looking ahead to Sunday, I doubt we see that poor of a performance from them again. So I think the Grizzlies will have to play at least as well as they did tonight to win. In all likelihood they are going to have to play as well as they did in the second half tonight for an entire game. They won't be able to play as bad as they did in the first half of the past two games and win.

Whatever the outcome it has been a great ride for Memphis. We were just hoping that the team didn't get swept by the Spurs. So they have far exceeded those expectations. I really hope that this enthusiasm can carry over to next season and beyond. They will have a core of Randolf, Gay, and Conley for at least the next three years. So they should be a decent team for that time. Memphis loves the Tigers. I think it would be good for the city and especially the downtown area if they can show the same consistent support for the Grizzlies as they do the Tigers.