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Community's sequel

*Spoilers ahead*

I posted last week about how much I loved the paintball western episode of Community. The follow up to that episode was just as enjoyable. I loved the transition from the western genre to the Star Wars genre. And I especially loved Abed's comment acknowledging that things have moved from one genre to the other and that he was disappointed that it didn't happen sooner.

His interaction with Annie while in character as Han Solo was also fantastic. Huge kudos to him for kissing Annie. He made Han proud. Jeff had the best non-Abed quote of the night with, "Denny's is for winners". But Abed closed it out by stating that sequels are almost always disappointing. Two of the few exceptions are often referenced The Empire Strikes Back and this episode of Community.

I hate that I have only just recently started watching this show. I'm dying to see more of it. And eventually I'm going to have to bust my budget and get the first season on dvd. Though I guess I could also watch it online. For some reason I enjoy watching it on my tv better.