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The ridiculousness of FoxNews

I usually don't like posting on right wing media. I think it brings attention to things that largely don't deserve the attention of serious people. But Jon Stewart did a good job with the latest episode in ridiculous crap that FoxNews was peddling regarding some rapper that was invited to the WH.

Stewart did his usual, funny bit where he shows nearly every person on FoxNews blathering about something and then showing a previous clip of them contradicting the thing they were blathering about. One thing that caught my attention that I don't think Stewart totally picked up on was all of the talk about guns.

He did pick up on the racist element of FoxNews criticizing this black rapper all the while loving the white equivalent in Ted Nuggent or Johnny Cash. What I picked up on was the fact that the rapper was talking about carrying guns. And of course Ted Nuggent is a huge gun nut, which is something the right and FoxNews love about him.

But they took the complete opposite approach to a black guy talking about guns. They went straight to him being a thug and a cop killer. Why can't a rapper talk about his guns? What automatically makes him a thug just for enjoying his 2nd Amendment rights? The answer is that the people calling him a thug are racists, or at the very best so completely partisan that they take racist views by default.

What this highlights is exactly the reason I don't watch cable news and don't think it should be paid much attention to. This story has zero significance for politics. Its not a story. Its a made up narrative to placate the racist viewers of FoxNews. There are any number of things going on in politics that actually matter; the three wars we are fighting, the debt ceiling, 9% unemployment, the effort of the right to take away women's rights and Muslim's rights, etc. Those are things a serious news outlet would be reporting on and discussing. FoxNews is not a serious news outlet (I know, breaking news there). I'm thankful The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Media Matters keep tabs on the crap they peddle. But for people who actually care about politics its not worth our time.