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Grizzlies come up short

As I predicted, Kevin Durant did not have another poor game. Him and Westbrook had really good games. And the Grizzlies just couldn't score. They had another really bad first half and couldn't make it close in the second half because Durant and Westbrook were playing so well.

When Randolf isn't really on his game the rest of the offense seems to struggle. Mayo is a good scorer. But he isn't a great spot up shooter. No one on the team is a really good spot up shooter, especially from three. So when Randolf is struggling he can't kick it out and be confident someone is going to make a shot.

I know the numbers say the team played better without Rudy Gay. I'm certain we played better defensively and that had carryover to the offense. But in games like yesterday when Randolf is struggling and no one is shooting particularly well you would love to have Gay's scoring ability out there. He isn't a great 3 point shooter. But he can create his own shot off the dribble. And against OKC's athleticism and length I think he would have had an easier time doing that than Mayo did.

I'm not sure what they plan on doing with Mayo next season. But I would welcome him back if he can accept coming off the bench. Because I think a starting lineup of Conley, Allen, Gay, Randolf, and Gasol is really good. You can tell those guys to play hard and when they get tired you can put Vasquez, Mayo, Young, and Arthur out there. With that group I think they should at worst be an 8 seed again. What I would like to see added is a good spot up three point shooter. If they don't bring back Mayo I think they have to get that.