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Community: Blade and the carnival

Spoilers for tonight's episode will follow

The last few weeks of Community has pitted Troy against Abed and thus has thrown my world into chaos. It was uncertain whether their epic battle would leave their friendship broken and laying dead on the battlefield of pillows and blankets. But with tonight's episode all is right with my world again. Troy and Abed seemed back to their old selves, correctly pointing out that Blade is a fantastic movie.

Though I'm not sure we are completely out of the woods as it pertains to the future prospects of Troy and Abed's friendship. The Vice Dean is still working to try and get Troy to join his air condition repairman school. This is why the Dean showed up at the Blade screening, which prompted my favorite line of the night from Abed upon opening the door to great Dean, "Guys, I need help reacting to this."

I'm sure there were other things going on in this episode. I know because I kept seeing tiny glimpses of Alison Brie's cleavage. Sorry. I can't help it. But I'm a bit tired of Britta and Jeff's same old problems. Though I liked the message of Jeff's speech at the end. I'm just more focused on the Troy and Abed parts because when they are on their game it's just pure tv gold. And like Troy pointed out a few episodes ago, Abed helps make things fun for the group. And while it's important that the group gets their degrees and grows as people, they need that fun that Troy and Abed bring to keep things balanced. Otherwise they all might fall back into the problems that landed them at Greendale in the first place.