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Grizzlies blow huge lead, lose game 1

I can't stand when this happens in the NBA. No matter how much you are down you can always make a run. But you don't have to help the other team out like the Grizzlies did. It's one thing if the other team is just making a lot of tough shots. You can't control that. But you can control the shots you take. And this team has a tendency to get lazy on offense and shot low % shots early in the shot clock.

When you are up by 20 in the 2nd half you should be running down the shot clock all the way every possession. And you should probably only shoot 3s when they come through the flow of the offense and are very open. But for some reason we don't do this and let games get close even when we've far outplayed the other team. As much as I can't stand Chris Paul (he's a punk), he's too good to not only get lazy defensively, but offensively as I just talked about. And I'm not sure what's off with Zach Randolph, but I hope he fixes it soon because he is way too good to not get more production out of him.