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Easter: not a completely worthless "holiday"

Easter is yet another example of if not violating the 1st amendment, stretching it to just short of it's breaking point. There is no reason for it's holiday status other than to let Christians feel special. Jesus died for us and then rose from the dead three days later for whatever reason, just to show off I guess. Yet another example of the brilliant storytelling of the new testament authors. I mean, three days is the perfect number. If it's a few hours or a day after he died you're probably thinking, WTF was the point of dying. If it's a week after people have already moved on to the next messiah. But three days is enough time where it's still in the back of their minds but enough time has passed that you aren't expecting it. Great showmanship.

Anyway, I can find some value in Easter, especially since I have some young siblings that enjoy the whole Easter egg thing. It might be a mostly nostalgia thing, but I enjoy hiding the eggs and having the kids try to find them. And there are bonus points for it having basically nothing to do with the religious part of the holiday. In that sense it's a similar holiday to Christmas. There is enough of a divorce of some of the activities from religion that makes them tolerable. And I'm not one to complain about a day off work.