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Reminder: TN lawmakers are morons

I posted about this when it first came up a few weeks back. Now it looks like Gov. Haslam will sign the bill that will allow public teachers to teach kids that theories like evolution and global warming are something other than theories strongly supported by evidence while things like creationism and global warming conspiracy theories are made up by people who don't understand science.

This comes from a legislature that wanted to make it lawful to let people go into bars with guns. Thankfully, I think Haslam didn't sign that bill. It's kind of weird because there are huge swaths of the state that are as conservative as you can get. But the urban areas can be as liberal as you can get, such as Memphis. So while the legislature and governor are pretty conservative right now, we don't always have morons like we current have in Nashville completely in control. So not only do I hope the economy gets better for my selfish sake, for the country's sake, and for Democrats nationally; I hope it gets better for the sake of TN. Because laws like this will just dumb down the state.