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The rest of the Miami Dolphins' draft

They addressed a lot of the positions I thought were needs. They went with Jonathan Martin, the offensive tackle from Stanford in the second round. I like this pick since it should solve the problem at RT. Now we have a healthy Jake Long at LT, Incognito at LG, Pouncey at C, IDK at RG, and Martin at RT. The offensive line is pretty set and hopefully improved over last season. Offensively that left WR as the biggest need. But they didn't choose to address it until the 6th round. So I think it's fairly obvious at this point that they just don't think WR is a big need.

You don't trade Brandon Marshall, not sign a free agent, and then not take a WR (BJ Cunningham) until the 6th round unless you don't think the position is a big need. The reason I believe they think that is because Brian Hartline and Devone Bess are decent players. And they just don't value the position as highly as other teams. Green Bay has good receivers. But they don't run their offense through the stereotypical #1 WR. It's more of a spread/west coast offense where they just throw it to whoever is open. They don't force it to Greg Jennings simply because he is the best receiver. Jordy Nelson had a great year because he simply got open. And I think Philbin plans on running a similar offense.

Another reason for the Tannehill pick and the TE (Michael Egnew) they picked in the 3rd round is because Mike Sherman ran a similar offense to Philbin's at Texas A&M. If you watched Tannehill on John Gruden's show, you heard him talk about how they ran a west coast style offense that utilized a lot of spread WR formations and two TE formations. Again, think about Green Bay's offense and even New England's offense. New England ran a spread with a lot of two TE sets. I think that's the plan with the TE we drafted. I expect to see a lot of formations with Hartline, Bess, Fasano, and Egnew. And again, they like Tannehill in part because of his familiarity with the offense that Sherman and Philbin will want to run.

The running back (Lamar Miller) in the 4th round was a bit of a surprise. And a lot of Fins fans were mad because we traded up to get the RB out of Miami instead of getting a WR. But the more I think about it the more I'm ok with it. Reggie Bush is only signed through this next season. If he has another good year he could want a lot of money. Daniel Thomas was a 2nd round pick last year. But he wasn't very good and now we will probably be running a different offense. So this pick is probably insurance in case Bush doesn't come back and if Thomas turns out to be a bust.

Defensively with defensive end Olivier Vernon out of Miami in the 3rd and LB Josh Kaddu out of Oregon in the 5th. I thought they might try and take a pass rusher earlier. But I understand the need to take Martin for RT. With Kendall Langford and Philip Merling gone it makes sense to take Vernon for depth. And from I can tell, Kaddu has some pass rushing ability. So hopefully he can give us some depth.

All in all I like what they have done in this draft. The more I read and watch about Tannehill the more comforted I am with his lack of experience. The rest of the picks addressed our needs. Now it's just a matter of getting these guys coached properly. I can't wait for camp to start. I hope we can look back on this draft as the one that turned the corner for the team.