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Poland seeks accountability for torture

I don't have much to add to this post by Andrew Sullivan. I mainly just want to recognize it and the fact that after almost four years we have still done nothing about it.

Isn't there something grotesquely appropriate in that Bush and Cheney, in importing into the US the torture techniques of totalitarian regimes, used one building named in honor of the founder of the East German Stasi? They remain war criminals, and the rule of law in America remains unenforced by the Obama administration on the core issue of torture. But not all politicians are as craven as Obama on this. Here's the current conservative prime minister of Poland, Donald Tusk:

“Poland will not be a country anymore where politicians will arrange something under the table and it will not come to light, even if they do it hand-in-hand with the biggest empire in the world,” and “those in power must be able very effectively to safeguard the dignity of the Polish state; in other words, they must act only in accordance with their conscience, Polish law and international law.”

I'm glad at least some countries aren't following our example. Hopefully justice is served in Poland. Hopefully someday we elect people with the courage to do the same in the US.