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Cliff Lee

As a Braves fan I'm not happy about Lee signing (presumably) with the Phillies. The Phillies are already a very good team. Now they add one of the best pitchers in the game to an already good rotation and very good offense. I don't like the chances of the Braves winning the division next season.

But I am glad Lee didn't choose the Yankees. I'm not a big Yankees hater. In fact I've softened on them over the last few years, ever since A-Rod started catching flack and the Red Sox eclipsed them in the annoying factor. But since they gave Jeter a ridiculous contract I'm warming up to not liking them more.

And even though he is going to the Phillies I'll be interested to see how well him and Halladay pitch together. The thing about baseball that is different to me than football is that while I'm loyal to the Braves that doesn't prevent me from liking individual players from other teams and wanting to see them succeed. There is just something about baseball where I want to see great players perform great. In football I could care less about Tom Brady or Ray Lewis. But I want to see Cliff Lee pitch as well as he has in recent years, just not when he plays the Braves.