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Coaching adjustments

I just got back from the Georgetown @ Memphis game. The game was tight at half but Georgetown pulled away in the 2nd. Memphis is a young team. So I expect them to struggle a bit, at least offensively. And Georgetown is an old team with really good guards. So its not too surprising that they beat Memphis.

But what I don't understand is why there weren't any defensive adjustments made by Memphis. And this is something I have always complained about with Duke and Coach K. They played man to man the entire night. Georgetown's guards are really quick and athletic,hence they are good at beating guys off the dribble. Not only was Wright able to do that, they also ran numerous cuts to the basket that got them easy layups.

This is why they shot 55% from the field. They didn't have to settle for long and contested jump shots. Defensively, when this is happening why don't you switch to playing some zone to make sure they don't get into the lane and covert the easy baskets they were getting all night? Why not pack it in and force them to drive through multiple players or shoot long jumpers?

Am I missing something or are coaches being to stubborn to adjust?