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Kyrie Irving

WOW! Not much else to say about the freshman point guard. He was unbelievable tonight against a very tough Michigan State team and one of the best point guards in the nation, Tyler Lucas.

He is being compared to Jason Williams, who was the great Duke point guard from 2000-2002. Jason was a bit shorter and had a stronger build. I also think Jason was quicker. But Kyrie is probably a bit of a better shooter and can finish just as well around the basket. Plus he is already a better free throw shooter than Jason ever was.

An athletic point guard is what I think Duke has been missing since Jason Williams and Chirs Duhon. When the offense is struggling they could break down their defender one on one and either get to the basket or pass to an open player. Kyrie showed how well he could do that tonight.

I love the kid already. I just hope he sticks around for a while.