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Pills are good (sometimes)

I haven't been able to get to sleep until well past 4 am lately. Of course that leads me to sleep well through the morning and into the early afternoon and that makes me feel extremely lazy.

So I've taken a sleeping pill in order to help me fall asleep earlier. Though as evidenced by me typing this post over an hour after I took it, it isn't working perfectly. I should probably go back to reading a book before I go to bed. But the book I'm currently reading isn't all that interesting, and its not interesting in a way that keeps me awake.

I'll just have to wait til Christmas in order to start a new book. I'll choose between "Unequal Democracy" by Larry Bartels (whose work was part of the first paper I wrote for grad school) and "Zombie Economics". I'll probably go with Bartels first since that is right up my alley and I've heard that its a great book.