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Opposition to the ACA

The latest news regarding the ACA is a judge in Virginia declaring the individual mandate unconstitutional. The fact that this is the third different case involving the mandate probably means the Supreme Court will have to make the final decision.

That is a ways off. So for now I'll post this response to the conservative happiness with this decision:

So, conservatives, be careful what you wish for. By fighting the mandate needed to make private insurance solutions work, and doing nothing to ease the health cost burden on everyday Americans, you'll hasten the day when the public throws up its hands and says, "Just give us single-payer and price controls." Don't think the anti-government wave this fall won't reverse itself on health care if the most private sector-oriented health care system on earth keeps delivering the world's costliest, most inefficient care

The individual mandate was a conservative idea that the likes of Mitt Romney implemented as governor of Massachusetts. He did so in order to insure as many people as possible and to keep the cost of premiums down. Most indications I've seen says that worked and the people of Massachusetts really like their system.

The reason I posted Miller's take is because I agree that conservatives need to tread lightly in demanding for repeal of the individual mandate and the ACA in general. If they get their wish and health care costs keep rising the way they have been people won't stand for it. More people won't be able to afford insurance and they will continue to pass the costs on to those who can. If things get really bad they will demand the public option like Miller suggests. And we were close enough to getting the public option in the ACA.

If you move the goal posts enough you won't be playing on the same field. And I doubt many conservatives will like playing on the field of a public option.